Kevin MacLean (born May 1, 1979, in Portland, Oregon, USA) is an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Kevin grew up in Gresham. He went to the local Community College for just 2 weeks, before being hired for his first job in the animation industry. When Kevin was 10 yrs old, he became fascinated by the local Portland animation studio, Will Vinton Studios. They were famous for the Claymation California Raisins, Dominos Noid, and the stop-motion effects for Disney's Return to Oz.

He started creating his own stop-motion short films in his spare time. Kevin was hired by Will Vinton Studios when he was 18 years old. He sent them his work all throughout High School, constantly bugging them and keeping them up to date on what he was doing. During the summer of 1997 they called him up and said they "found a spot for me." He ended up staying 6 years. He also worked on Henry Selick's film, "Monkeybone" and he spent almost 10 years at DreamWorks Animation. In 2011, he came back to Portland to work on Laika's ParaNorman.